Discover the most beautiful songs about peace

Image Discover the most beautiful songs about peace

Songs are among the most efficient tool to convey a message. In fact, songs can greatly influence one's mood, belief, and even way of life. Some psychologists believe that our favorite songs somehow tell much about our likes and interests, and may even predict our future as they somehow reflects our hope.

Prem Rawat is an ambassador of peace who shares his messages of peace to teach people how to attain it. He said, “Bring from this nature the most beautiful colors. Find the serene scene within”. This means, it is possible to attain inner peace through beauty. In this article, we will focus on the most beautiful songs about peace.

Discover the most beautiful songs about peace

“Heal the World” by Michael Jackson

The song describes the strong need to transform the world into a better place to live and to be free from any kind of violence. It talks about the sad fact that many people have died for peacekeeping initiatives.

“You raise me up” by Josh Groban

In his song, Josh Groban describes how life constraints can burden human heart and soul. However, it is not possible for them to transcend above the situation until a divine power lifts them up. The song gives a brief description of a person who has attained serenity: 

  • To attain inner peace, it is necessary to stand still and wait for it to happen 
  • A serene person can transcend above all difficulties in life 
  • A tranquil person can manage any problem that may occur

“Wind of change” by Scorpions

The song describes the end of a war and the hope for the wind of change to blow and bring peace to the world. Like the Scorpions, Prem Rawat hopes that with inner peace in each individual, it will be possible to make the world peaceful.

“Universal soldier” by Donovan

The song starts with a description of what a universal soldier is. It describes the sad reality about child soldiers and the reason why soldiers must fight and kill even if it is against their will. This anti-war song was written in 1965.

“Lean on me” by Bill Withers

The song focuses on the downsides of pride, and the importance of mutual help. We are not self-sufficient; thus, support from each other is needed, and it is a step to global harmony. The song was among the Grammy Award-winning hit.

“Eve of destruction” by Barry McGuire

The song relates the Vietnam War era. This anti-war song was written in 1964 to describe the situation at that time, during which violence was flaring and bullets were loading. It describes the aftermaths of the war, which caused many casualties and dead bodies scattered everywhere.

“Redemption song” by Bob Marley

The song depicts slavery and the sufferings of the oppressed people. The oppressed people cry for help because they do not have anyone to turn to, and their prophets have been killed. The song is a call for actions and a call for help to rescue the victims of oppression. They do not lose hope because a Supreme Being will come to rescue them.