Art: the best way to access spirituality?

Image Art: the best way to access spirituality?

Throughout history, man has always used art to express their ideas and philosophy. Art reflects human beliefs and spirituality. Various forms of art have been used, from the cave paintings in the primitive societies, to the rock or stone carvings in the form of deities and other spiritual creatures, and still to the modern art representation in paintings.

These are not the only representations of spirituality through arts, however. In fact, many religions use art to depict their gods, goddesses, saints, and other deities through art. They also use art to symbolize an ideology or a belief. Is art really the best way to accede to the world of spirituality?

Art: the best way to access spirituality?

Art is a tool to transmit ideologies

Art can be used to communicate with an audience. By using a visual representation of a belief or ideology, the spiritual leaders can use art to dominate the human conscience. As a result, the ideologies will stick to their mind and it will be easier to transmit the information from a generation to another.

By seeing the iconic figure of Jesus at an orthodox church, for example, younger devotees can learn fast about whom it represents, and what role it has in spiritualism. Likewise, Buddhists use statues of their deities to transmit their ideologies to the others.

Art can influence people's behavioral conducts

Art in all its form can transmit energy and spiritual power to those who come in contact with it. As a result, it is a tool for spiritual leaders to influence the others, whether they are their followers or not.

  • For example, when teens usually watch violence on TV, they are likely to become delinquent.
  • Horror movies can create a feeling of fear and even nightmare to those who watch it; and they are so afraid that they will no longer feel safe even in their own home.
  • A pornography, for example, affects the mood and sensation of its viewer, who will not feel relieved until fulfilling their lust.
  • Books and images about spiritual characters are enough to inspire someone to dig more and accede to spirituality.
  • Voodoos by African artists are used to spiritually influence another person by passing on an energy through a concrete representation of the target person.

In the same way, after seeing a statue of a saint, a catholic person would kneel in front of it, and then ask for blessings from it. Hindus usually use the statue of their favorite deity to pray and call the assistance or protection of a spiritual being or a deity.

Art is a tool to transmit energy

The influence of art in spirituality is unbelievable to those who have never experienced it. In fact, spiritual leaders use art to convey their philosophy because of its power to transmit waves and spirits.

This is because art in all its forms can transmit a hidden energy to dominate an individual, or a group, or even a whole nation. In other words, spiritual leaders have always used mental and spiritual art to pass on waves of spirits, which will somehow influence or affect the viewers' spirituality.

Each individual is an artist

This is what the ambassador of peace, Prem Rawat, said about art: “When you are introduced to the clarity inside of you, to the simplicity inside of you, to that beauty inside of you, the journey of life begins.”

This founder of the Prem Rawat Foundation (TPFR) is convinced that each individual is an artist who can craft their own energy to lead them to the paths of inner peace. This is because “that inner peace is within us”.